Africa is considered the cradle of humanity, the birthplace of the human species. The continent accounts for 16% of the world’s population! It’s the third-largest continent in terms of surface area, so of course Africa has a wealth of landscapes to offer. Did you know that Algeria is the largest country in Africa in terms of surface area, while the Seychelles archipelago, on the continent’s east coast, is the smallest and least populated?

When we think of Africa, many images come to mind, such as the desert of the Sahara, the largest desert in Africa and the hottest in the world! But also safaris in search of the Big 5, in countries such as Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania. We’re also thinking of the ethnic groups that populate this continent, such as the Massais in Kenya, the Himbas in Namibia, the Pygmies in Central Africa, the Berbers in North Africa and the Mursi in Ethiopia. We’re also thinking of Maroc and its ryads, but also theEgypte with its pyramids and the Nile. But Africa is also a continent much appreciated by divers in search of large cetaceans such as whale sharks, and by travellers in search of tranquillity, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters such as on the island of Zanzibar or Mozambique, or in search of a thrilling encounter with the gorillas ofOuganda or Rwanda. Discover this immense continent that has so much to offer visitors!


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