Poiscaille | your seafood direct from the fishermen

Poiscaille | your seafood direct from the fishermen

Poiscaille, the short seafood circuit! Discover this concept that puts local producers to work, your small dose of ultra-fresh seafood, with no strings attached, direct from the fishermen.


The name of the concept is very meaningful and should immediately speak to you. Every week, fish, shellfish and crustaceans arrive directly from the fishermen. Friends from Paris, Bordeaux and Montpellier, we discovered a great concept at a Parisian brunch that combines the taste of the sea with respect for the environment and the fisherman. So we thought we’d share it with you, to promote this wonderful project that we’ve been supporting since its inception, as we’ve been receiving their crates for the past year and a half now.

Indeed, since we subscribed to a monthly subscription, we love receiving our fresh crate, and it forces us more to work on recipes around fish and taste certain seafood with which we were unfamiliar.





Poiscaille puts you in touch with the fishermen of our French coasts and offers you exceptionally fresh products, with a commitment to guarantee a 48-hour lead time between fishing and delivery to a relay point near you. Poiscaille works with local fishermen and undertakes to buy all their catch from them, enabling them to make a better living from their work, not having to go off to distant seas, and being able to return home in the evening.

In exchange, you buy a crate of fish, the composition of which depends on the catch, and a high degree of transparency, since you’ll know who the fisherman is, where he’s from, when and how he fished. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be eating, and you can compose your locker by consulting the peach you received the day before your delivery from your customer area. You’ll come across both “noble” fish and lesser-known fish that deserve to be recognized, such as mullet and whiting. Poiscaille also offers you recipes to enhance these beautiful products and help you rediscover new flavors.






The fishermen’s commitment is to respect marine resources by fishing using techniques that do not damage the seabed, enhance the value of all species and respect reproduction cycles. This is an important aspect of this sustainable project. Fishermen are respected but must respect the environment and the resource through their fishing techniques. Your scallops won’t be caught by dredging (a technique consisting of diving a large metal trap fitted with a rake that scrapes the bottom and picks up everything…) but by scuba diving. Sea bass and cod will not be fished by net but by line. Your langoustines, crabs, étrilles and lobsters will be caught in traps. A true philosophy of preservation of which you are an integral part by committing yourself to buying these crates that nature has kindly offered us.






Through this short circuit, Poiscaille enables us to increase fishermen’s incomes by 20% compared with traditional circuits, while offering you very affordable prices in view of the quality of the products you receive. The crates are sized for a meal for around three people. What’s in the lockers? Depending on the day’s catch and arrivals, you can have whole fish, fillets, mussels, oysters, periwinkles, scallops, razor clams… the selection is varied, and you choose your order and what you want to taste online.


Four offers You choose the frequency, quantity and place of delivery. They take care of the rest, it’s really simple.

| A no-obligation locker to try for €27.90

| A locker with a monthly delivery commitment at €24.90

| A locker with a 15-day delivery commitment at €2290

| A locker with a weekly delivery commitment at 19€90.



Poiscaille If you too would like to join this beautiful and noble project, to participate through your consumption choices in making this world a little better, all you have to do is register on the website Poiscaille.

We have been Poiscaille fans for a few months now and have decided not to cancel our subscription because we eat fresh fish and are always delighted to support the local economy and receive our well-stocked little basket!




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