Fancy a tailor-made trip, a roadtrip to California, an authentic trip to Lapland, a safari in Namibia or a honeymoon in New Caledonia? I can organize the trip of your dreams for you, customizing your request.


Graduate in Tourisme, I’ve been working in the sector for over 15 years. I’ve been tour leader for French groups from 2007 to 2019, and today I create tailor-made trips for my own travel agency. ( not to be confused with a travel planner, who has no license, guarantee or insurance.). Since 2016, Antoine and I have been travel bloggers, promoting destinations in France and abroad. All these journeys, these professional and personal experiences, enable me to scout out the terrain, find new service providers who offer more authentic things, and advise you in the best possible way. This blog is my professional showcase and I share all my advice and tips with you.

A favorite destination? Visit Lapland where I lived, worked as a guide and fell in love. Today, I use my knowledge of travel and my expertise in the field to find you the best and organize the tailor-made trip of your dreams. I can offer you a tailor-made, personalized trip that includes complete packages: flights, accommodation, activities, etc. to suit your wishes and expectations. I shun mass tourism and unethical activities, which is why I offer you the chance to experience s authentic and unique experiences.

In June 2022, I created my approved online travel agency. My financial guarantor is APST (Professional tourism solidarity association) and I am registered with Atout France (IMM: IM075220022 ).

Why go through me? Because I’ve tested trips and experiences, met and validated service providers and guides to work with me. If you like authentic travel, meeting the locals, experiencing the real thing, then put your trust in me and request a personalized quote by e-mail from

Please be precise in your request: dates of your trip, departure city, type of trip you want, number of people and ages if you have children, budget per person and your telephone number. It’s always nice to get to know each other and discuss your project in person or over a coffee if you’re coming to Paris, or when I’m in Rennes.

Finally, there’s no such thing as a fixed price when you’re doing customized travel As you can imagine, prices vary according to the level of service, the period, the booking deadline, your wishes and many other parameters that need to be taken into consideration. The exact price will be that of your personalized quote. But get it out of your head that a tailor-made trip is more expensive than any other trip. A made-to-measure trip is bound to be more expensive than a trip purchased from a tour operator or a large agency, which sell volume and negotiate heavily on price. It’s important to compare like with like, and not just to look at the price of your trip, but also at the content.

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Marion aka Mademoiselle Voyage