Lapland | Unusual hotels and experiences to discover

Lapland | Unusual hotels and experiences to discover

Lapland is also a unique opportunity for travelers to spend a night in a snow igloo or a glass hotel. Discover magical places and enjoy unusual experiences of your own.


Whether you’re with family, friends or lovers, Lapland is the perfect place to enjoy unusual and unforgettable experiences. All these little nuggets are to be found in the 4 corners of the country and are deserved as much for their location as for their price. We’re talking about expensive experiences, but at least once in a lifetime. I haven’t had the chance to test them all, but I work with most of the sites that offer unusual accommodation. Please note that these packages include flights, activities, full board, accommodation and the loan of thermal clothing. They are not booked alone.


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Sleeping in a snow igloo sounds pretty crazy, especially when you consider that temperatures are around -3 degrees to -6 degrees inside. Don’t worry, your cold-weather overalls, animal skins and blankets will keep you warm for a night! And it’s romantic and rather unusual, isn’t it? Not all the small structures I work with in Lapland offer a night’s sleep in a snow igloo, but you can expect to pay about 400€ per night including breakfast (depending the season and the place). A wooden sauna will allow you to wash and relax after your activities.




I tested the round glass Igloos, when they were just being created. It’s a slightly different experience, as you sleep under the stars but away from the cold. And yes, it’s 20 degrees inside and the comfort is already more luxurious: comfortable beds, small closets and private toilets. The price is also different, but that’s the price you pay for watching the Northern Lights from your bed and falling asleep with sweet dreams. Count from 450€/p with breakfast included and always the option of washing up in the wooden sauna. The noise isolation is quite low, but I could hear some happy and expressive couples that evening! On the downside, if conditions aren’t right, you won’t be able to see the Northern Lights from the dome. The evening I went there, the roof was covered in snow, so the maintenance person had to clean it, but the snow kept falling.

Please note: Don’t be alarmed by the massive influx of weekend travelers from Asia. Indeed, according to an ancient Asian belief, a person who has seen an aurora borealis at least once will live happily ever after. As for the Japanese, they come to Lapland and sleep here in the hope of conceiving a child who is supposed to be a boy and have an exceptional destiny.

Today, there are several glass igloos available, including glass-roofed chalets, domes, huts and cabins. etc. You can’t find them all over Lapland, as you need space and the budget to build this type of structure. That’s why you need to look hard and book them in advance.



This little cocoon is reserved for honeymooners in Lapland. Your luxury suite is unique in that it has been designed to overlook the valley like an eagle’s nest, to connect you to nature and to offer you a splendid 360-degree view of the snow-covered fir trees. Every evening, you can enjoy a Jacuzzi on your private terrace, take a sauna in your private sauna and admire the flamboyant spectacle of the northern lights from your bedroom or living room. The walls and even the roof are made of glass, so you’ll feel like you’re all alone in the world! This experience is bound to come at a price, but it will be unique!




Who hasn’t dreamed of sleeping for at least one night, cut off from the world, in a wooden hut with no water or electricity? It’s now possible, and increasingly common, in Finland and Lapland. I’m offering you the chance to live this experience in one of the programs I’m selling in Lapland.



If you like unusual experiences, this is the place for you! 10 meters above the ground, you’ll sleep in an authentic cabin with natural materials and Scandinavian fabrics. What’s quite astonishing is the contrast between the raw-looking exterior and the very modern, contemporary interior!




It’s a magical experience that I want to live and will one day. I’m very curious and love to interact with locals whenever I can. Here in Lapland, you’ll have the chance to meet the Sami people. This now sedentary people live throughout Lapland, from Sweden to Norway, Finland and Russia. I invite you to spend 6 days/5 nights in the company of these reindeer herders and learn a little more about their daily lives, their way of life and participate in collective tasks. You’ll need to budget at least €3500/person, as it’s quite isolated in the far north of the country.




There are also some very nice and quite unique hotels for unusual experiences in Lapland. You can contact me and I’ll be happy to organize your stay in one of these dream establishments!



I particularly liked the little ice chapel, perfect for winter weddings. Many people come here either to renew their vows or to get married. An ice chapel can even be built in the middle of the forest. If the bride and groom wish, they can travel to the place of their union in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer or horse! What could be more magical? The incredible gown experience comes at a price, but the bride can rest assured that the owners will lend her a long white fur-lined coat or the traditional Same outfit, the beautiful white and red cape. Know that there are several packages for weddings, with or without guests, classic or traditional ceremony so do not hesitate to contact me for you organize wedding in Lapland. Expect to pay from €4,000 for the 2 Lapland ceremonies in traditional Sami dress.



Believe me, all these experiences warm you up! When I wrote this article, it was in 2014. Today, Lapland has become a mass tourism destination, much to my regret. Choose your hotel carefully for a more intimate experience. All these establishments have increased their accommodation capacity by a factor of 2 or 3. When I tested the glass igloos, there were around ten built on the site. Today, there appear to be between 30 and 50 of them glued together. And that’s just one area. Everyone is building glass igloos to attract visitors, but is the experience still authentic? Prices have really gone up, and at this rate, do you want to come face to face with your neighbors across the street?

I can see how this might make you dream, but in such cases, look for these unusual accommodations in an authentic corner of the world, far from light pollution and big cities. If you would like a quote for your future trip to Lapland, please contact me at

Please note that these packages include flights, activities, full board, accommodation and the loan of thermal clothing. They are not booked alone.


Discover all our articles about the destination to help you plan your trip to Lapland






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