Winter discovery in Rovaniemi: Top 10 unusual activities

Winter discovery in Rovaniemi: Top 10 unusual activities

Welcome to Rovaniemi, the beating heart of Lapland, where every winter is an exceptional adventure. In this article, discover ten unique experiences and unusual activities that will make your stay in Rovaniemi unforgettable. From the exhilaration of an ice kart race to starry nights under the Northern Lights, every activity will immerse you in the pure magic of the Arctic.

Get ready to explore, enjoy and experience winter like never before!


We’ve written a series of articles on the blog to help you plan your trip to Finnish Lapland. We invite you to have a look at them.


| Traditional Sauna Experience in Lapland: Thrills and spills under the Aurora Borealis

Ready for a body-warming, mind-blowing adventure in Rovaniemi? Imagine entering a wood-fired sauna, after a walk in the Lapland forest. There, the soothing warmth envelops you, making you forget the outside world for a moment of Finnish serenity. It’s more than a sauna, it’s a refuge from the winter chill.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. After the heat, it’s time for the excitement of a dive into an icy lake. A moment of pure vivacity, when your whole body seems to scream with joy. And to top it all off, there’s the magic of the northern lights. Imagine yourself, warm blueberry juice in hand, watching the hypnotic spectacle of dancing lights in the Arctic sky.

Practical info :

  • Duration : Allow 3 hours for this unique experience.
  • Languages : English-speaking guides and other languages available.
  • Comfort : Everything is designed to keep you warm.

This sauna experience, combined with an invigorating dive and a hunt for the Northern Lights, is an adventure to be recounted and relived. To reserve, click here and prepare yourself for an unforgettable moment.


➡️ Check here for sauna availability and book in advance



| Diving into the Sparkling Depths : The Lampivaara Amethyst Mine

Come on, let’s leave Rovaniemi for a while for an extra adventure: the Lampivaara amethyst mine. Imagine a place out of a fairy tale, where underground treasures are more than just a legend. Armed with ice axes, you’ll go on the hunt for your very own amethyst, a hidden gem in the heart of Lapland.

It’s a unique experience, a clever blend of treasure hunting and geological discovery. In this old-fashioned mine, every blow of the pick can reveal a sparkling violet stone. And the little extra? You can keep the amethyst you find as a souvenir.

Essential information :

  • Duration : Allow around 5 hours for this escapade.
  • Languages : English, French and Spanish-speaking guides.
  • Souvenir included : Leave with an amethyst you’ve found yourself.

Ready for this underground adventure? Click here to reserve. After a road trip from Rovaniemi and a break at the Lampivaara Café, you’re in for a truly special experience!


➡️ Check here for availability and book in advance.



| Arctic SnowHotel, dinner experience and ice tour in Rovaniemi

Set course for an extraordinary evening at the l’Hôtel de GlaceArctic SnowHotel. Just 26 km from Rovaniemi, discover a hotel where everything, from the rooms to the bar, is sculpted from ice. It’s an immersion in a world of crystal, where the art of ice takes on its full meaning.

The highlight? Dinner at the Ice restaurant. Settle into an icy seat, under a reindeer skin, to savor traditional Finnish dishes, served on ice crockery. A unique culinary experience in a setting that defies the ordinary.

Why you’ll love it:

  • An artistic setting : Each room is a unique work of art.
  • Atypical dinner : A meal in an ice setting is unforgettable.
  • Full service : Pick-up and drop-off included.

Practical info :

  • Duration : About 3 hours and 30 minutes of frosty adventure.
  • Languages : Guides in English, French and Spanish.
  • Includes : Everything from transfer to dinner.

Book this magical evening at the Arctic SnowHotel ice hotel here and experience the Lappish winter in a totally magical and icy way!


➡️ Check Arctic Snowhotel availability here and book in advance



| Winter adventure in the Korouoma Canyon and its Frozen Waterfalls

Get ready for an extraordinary escapade at the Korouoma Canyon, away from the hustle and bustle of Rovaniemi. Here, waterfalls freeze in winter, offering a dazzling natural spectacle unique to Lapland.

The 5km hike through snowy trails will take you past these impressive frozen waterfalls, transforming the landscape into a veritable crystal kingdom. Keep an eye out for nature’s surprises and, if necessary, strap on your snowshoes for a boundless adventure.

The highlight of the experience? A convivial moment around a campfire, where our guide prepares a typical Finnish snack, perfect for warming up and sharing stories.

Adventure highlights :

  • Frozen waterfalls : A breathtaking natural phenomenon.
  • A rewarding hike : Discover winter landscapes as far as the eye can see.
  • Authenticity : A moment of sharing around a traditional Lappish campfire.

Practical info :

  • Duration : A 7-hour immersion in the wilderness.
  • Passionate guides English-speaking.
  • All-inclusive : Equipment, snacks and respect for the environment.

For an unforgettable winter adventure in the heart of Lapland, click here. here. Ready for adventure?


➡️ Check tour availability here and book in advance



| Winter horseback riding in Rovaniemi

Set off on a unforgettable horseback ride through the Lapland forest, a magical way to discover the wild beauty of the Arctic. With this service provider, you’ll ride a superb Irish Cob and venture into breathtaking snow-covered landscapes.

This 3 hours begins with a warm visit to a local horse farm, where you can brush and familiarize yourself with these magnificent creatures. Then it’s time to set off on a hike, wrapped in comfortable winter clothes, for an hour of communion with nature.

Highlights :

  • Meeting the horses: A special moment to create a bond with your riding companion.
  • The Lapland Forest: A soothing experience connected to the wilds of Lapland.
  • Small group : An intimate moment, with a maximum of 6 participants, for a more personal experience.

To remember:

  • Care service included if you stay less than 15 km from the center of Rovaniemi.
  • English-speaking guide, with other languages available on request.
  • Horseback riding : about 1 hour of pure winter bliss.

Get ready for this equestrian adventure that combines nature, culture and the quiet pleasure of a horseback ride under the Arctic skies. To reserve your saddle, click here.

Don’t forget to communicate the weight of the riders to guarantee the well-being of the horses and your own!


➡️ Check here for availability and book in advance.



| Ice Karting in Rovaniemi

Get ready for a dose ofadrenaline pure with arctic ice karting! This thrilling activity gives you the opportunity to challenge your friends or family to a frantic race on a 500-meter icy track in Rovaniemi.

Put on your thermal suit, grab the steering wheel and let the four-stroke engines propel you through straights and bends, where you can try your hand at a few drifts spectacular. It’s the perfect activity for those looking to mix speed, snow and fun.

What you’ll experience :

  • Dwo intense races, each promising adrenaline rushes and moments of glory.
  • Professional gear to keep you warm and safe while driving your ice racer.

Please note:

  • Duration : Get ready for 1.5 hours of intense activity.
  • Transport : Comfortable round trip in air-conditioned minivan.
  • Includes: All the necessary equipment, plus instructions for safe driving.

The activity is accessible from 10 years and those over 1.50 m tall. For a unique winter racing experience, reserve your place here. Ready to leave your mark on the ice?


➡️ Check here for ice karting availability and book in advance



| E-FatBike ride in Rovaniemi

Get ready for a winter adventure on two wheels with an E-FatBike outing in the white scenery of Rovaniemi. It’s an ecological and original way to soak up the Lapland landscape, whether on snow-covered slopes or forest trails.

Put on your gloves and hop on these sturdy electric bikes with wide tires for a new cycling experience. You’ll be guided through the magical trails of Ounasvaara, with climbs made easy thanks to electric assistance – even in the snow!

What makes this ride special:

  • Easy pedaling: Thanks to electric assistance, hills become child’s play.
  • Breathtaking views : Reach the top of Ounasvaara hill and enjoy breathtaking winter panoramas.
  • Small group : A more intimate experience with a maximum of 8 participants.

Practical details:

  • Duration : 3 hours of escapism, from action to relaxation.
  • Multilingual guides available for an adventure without language barriers.
  • Includes : Everything is provided, including a break with a hot drink and cookies to recharge the batteries.

If you’re looking for a fun and active way to discover Lapland, the E-FatBike is for you. Click here to reserve your place and pedal off into adventure!


➡️ Check here for E-Fatbike availability and book in advance



| Ice Flotation and Northern Lights: A Magical Night in Lapland

Enjoy a truly unique Arctic experience with the ice flotation under the northern lights. Departing from Rovaniemi, get ready for a night-time adventure as you drift between the stars and the dancing lights of the Lapland sky.

Donning a special floating suit, you’ll be immune to the icy cold of the water, floating comfortably in a remote forest lake. It’s the perfect place to observe the northern lights, far from any light pollution.

Business highlights :

  • Float safely and warmly in a frozen lake under the night sky.
  • A unique chance to observe northern lights in soothing silence.
  • Snacks and hot drinks to comfort mind and body after your float.

Practical details:

  • Duration : Allow around 2 hours and 30 minutes for this adventure under the stars.
  • Transferts inclus depuis et vers votre hébergement dans un rayon de 15 km de Rovaniemi.

For an unforgettable evening under the Lappish sky, book your ice flotation experience. here. It’s the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and admire one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles.


➡️ Check here for ice flotation availability and book in advance



| Lappish cooking lessons: Become a Master of Salmon Soup

So, shall we get cooking? Get ready to get your hands dirty with a Lappish culinary workshop that will awaken your taste buds. Immerse yourself in Finnish culture by learning how to concoct the famous salmon soup (lohikeitto, my favorite) – a true gem of Nordic cuisine.

It’s a recipe creamy as can be, and figure it, simple as pie to prepare. Whether for a weekday meal or a family gathering, this comforting soup is perfect for any occasion. A Lapland cooking class is also a great way to meet the locals!

You’re in for a treat:

  • Mastering a traditional recipe and impress your guests.
  • Taste your creation: after the effort, the comfort with a tasting session.
  • Conviviality and sharing : There’s nothing like cooking together to create a bond.

Practical details:

  • Duration : About 2 hours and 30 minutes to become an expert in salmon soup.
  • Small group : For a more personalized learning experience, the course is limited to 10 participants.
  • All-inclusive : We pick you up, cook and enjoy together.

To register for this cooking class where you’ll shine, click here. here. Bring a little Lapland into your kitchen!


➡️ Check here for cooking class availability and book in advance



| Icebreaker and Ice Floating Cruise in the Arctic Sea

Embark on a ordinary cruise on an icebreaker, a unique experience departing from Finland or Sweden. Discover the power of this ship, specially designed to navigate the icy waters of the Bothnian Sea.

Your adventure begins with a scenic route from Rovaniemi to the terminal in Swedish Lapland. Once at sea, experience the thrill of walking on ice or diving into an ice pool dug in front of the ship. For the more adventurous, a swim in the Arctic awaits you!

What makes this cruise special:

  • Icebreaker strength : Admire the ship’s performance across the thick ice.
  • Adventure on the Ice : Hike or swim in Arctic waters for an unforgettable experience.
  • Ship Discovery : Visit the engine rooms and the captain’s bridge.

Practical info :

  • Duration : Allow 8 hours for this memorable cruise.
  • Languages : English, Finnish and Swedish.
  • Includes : Hot drinks, snacks, survival suits, and a three-course meal.

To book your adventure on the icy waters of the Arctic, click here. here. Get ready for an extraordinary maritime experience, with a souvenir certified by the captain!


➡️ Check here for Le Brise-glace availability and book in advance



Your unforgettable winter adventure in Rovaniemi

That’s it, I’ve rounded up all the unusual activities in Rovaniemi that you should try out during your stay in Lapland! From the relaxation intense in a traditional sauna with thrills on an icy go-karting track, passing through a gourmet getaway with a Lappish cooking course, Rovaniemi has some incredible experiences in store for you. Each activity promises its share of emotions, discoveries and unique pleasures.

Whether you’re a nature lovers, and adventurer at heart or a culturally curious, there’s something for everyone. So don’t wait any longer to plunge into the heart of the Lapland winter and create memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

Rovaniemi, the magic of the Arctic beckons. Ready to answer the call?


We’ve written a series of articles on the blog to help you plan your trip to Finnish Lapland. We invite you to have a look at them.


If you’d like a quote for your trip to Lapland, you can write to me at including travel dates, number of people, children’s ages, desired activities and, above all, budget per person or for the family.





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