What souvenirs should you bring back from Finland and Lapland?

What souvenirs should you bring back from Finland and Lapland?

Are you planning a trip to Finland and/or Lapland, but wondering what you can bring back as souvenirs? No inspiration? You’ll be able to treat yourself, but you’ll need to set aside a small budget.

We’ve written a few articles about the destination to help you plan your trip to Lapland



It’s a little offbeat and sometimes original. If you’d like to see what the wacky looks of the Finns are like, take a look at this blog, ” Hel Looks ” . In Helsinki, you must visit the largest shopping mall in the world Stockmann. There are several brands such as Artek and Itttala glassbut also Marimekko, a leading Finnish brand in the clothing, textiles and home decor sectors. Not everything is to my taste, but this brand is easily recognizable by its colorful, original motifs such as large poppies, his graphics, all in fabrics, garments, bags and home furnishings. (box, briefcases, purse…)



photo credit Ittala and Marimekko


I’ve always been in love with Finnish design. I love wood in all its forms, its scent, the clean lines, the light, natural colors, the cocooning spaces. I follow a lot of decorating blogs (Scandinavianhomes, scandinavian.interior…) that highlight this unique style. Finnish design objects are essential, authentic souvenirs. Helsinki’s Diananpuisto Square is home to the “Design District ” an entire district dedicated to design, featuring around 200 brands and designers spread over several streets and neighborhoods including Punavuori, Kaartinkaupunki, Kruunuhaka, Kamppi and Ullanlinna. The Design Forum is the perfect place to discover the great classics of Finnish craftsmanship and design. One brand I’m particularly fond of is Pentik. I brought back some pretty white mugs with engraved reindeer (20€), reindeer spoons (4 for 12€), a beige plaid with reindeer motifs (95€) and every time I go back, I love to bring back a pretty piece of decoration. More products on their website.

photo credit Pentik



For the little ones, it’s impossible to miss the Moomins, the “Finnish babar” with his eyes wide open to the world! This adorable family of three pale-pink, white trolls with an uncanny resemblance to hippopotamuses has us all smitten. You’ll find everything you need to decorate your home: notepads, t-shirts, plush toys, mugs, pencils… (I fell for the little mugs). Illustrator Tove Jansson, at the origin of this character had her own private island, Klovharun Island, where she found her inspiration.



If you’re planning a trip to Lapland, you’ll see many of the handicrafts of the Same people, traditionally made from birch wood and reindeer hides or antlers. Before I say anything else, I’d like to warn you that there are more reindeer in Lapland than inhabitants, with an estimated 300,000. The reindeer is used in all its forms, and nothing is thrown away: the meat is eaten, and the skin and bones are kept for covering, making clothes and objects. Because reindeer hair is hollow, it is highly resistant to cold and insulates heat.

When I lived down there, I had a kuksa, that essential little wooden cup, carved mainly from what’s known as birch burr, the woody growth that grows on the trunk and branches of certain trees. The kuksas are ideal for drinking hot or cold berry juice, water, coffee or tea, as well as hot rum or vodka. Freshly picked summer berries can also be added. They can be engraved and come in various sizes. Expect to pay an average of €40-50 for a cup, with some going up to €70.


Gentlemen, you’ll also find beautiful reindeer antler and steel blade knives in various sizes. The Same family I met there and worked with every week gave me a beautiful one as a souvenir.

Ladies, you’ll love traditional Sami-colored clothing (red, green, yellow and blue), hand-knitted sweaters, wool socks or cardigans, chapkas… There are also reindeer skin boots, reindeer antlers for decoration and imitation wood crockery, my personal favorite, the brand Kupilka. I bought an entire set dedicated to soup, including bowls, spoons, forks, knives and dishes. In short, I indulged myself.


Beware, prices are not cheap and can go up quickly at the checkout! Many Lapland stores offer a variety of souvenirs, local specialties, jewelry, tableware and clothing, as well as accessories inspired by traditional Sámi culture. One of the most popular souvenirs is the Sámi witch’s drum, made of reindeer skin and bone, originally used to communicate with the spirits.



For chocolate lovers, you can take home some Fazer, the best Finnish chocolate. I invite you to read the section on Finnish specialties to see what you can taste on site.




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