Our top 7 most beautiful beaches on the Samaná Peninsula

Our top 7 most beautiful beaches on the Samaná Peninsula

Discover the 7 most beautiful beaches on the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. You’ll love these hidden island paradises.


If you’re planning a trip to the Samaná peninsula in the Dominican Republic, you’re bound to love lounging on the many beaches. Why? because the region has not yet been affected by tourism like Punta Cana. The beaches are absolutely beautiful and uncrowded. So what are our top picks and tips for enjoying these little paradises still untouched by mass tourism? A look back at our experience.

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This beach was the first one we touched with our toes, as it is part of the 5-star hotel V Samana of the Viva Wyndham Resort chain, or rather, the hotel moved here a few years ago. This immense wave beach, fringed by hundreds of coconut palms, some of them drooping, is quite simply breathtaking, with its kilometers of fine ochre-colored sand. It is ideal for horseback riding or walking to reach Playa Bonita and Punta Popy and take a waterfront lunch break at Chez luis and Chez Valerio, two independent local straw huts serving seafood a la plancha or al Ajo, Creole-style shrimps and fried plantains, all for just a few euros! If it’s the right time of year, why not treat yourself to a nice grilled lobster?

Don’t be fooled by appearances! This beach is very beautiful but very long. The locals often told us not to venture out on our own, especially with valuables. As with many small, isolated beaches, you may come face to face with people armed with machetes ready to rob you of a cell phone, bag or money, so be careful!




What struck me on arriving here was the color of the warm, translucent water in shades of turquoise and aqua green! Our arrival by boat on this small beach was a real eye-opener, and I felt like I was stepping into a small lagoon! The white sand looked like flour. Umbrellas made of bamboo and dried banana leaves welcome you and hide the small Playita restaurant where we had lunch and tasted local specialties: fresh and fried fish, rice, red beans (the famous frijoles) and plantains. This small beach can be reached on foot via unmarked paths from Las Galeras, so take care! It’s a real favorite because it’s frequented by locals, including children having fun with each other – a great souvenir!




The Galeras, is a tiny, unspoilt fishing village at the very end of the peninsula Samaná. When you arrive here, you’re in paradise: a large, untamed beach with turquoise waters, two colorful little boats floating by and an islet in the distance beckoning! This is the starting point for boat excursions to the other beaches mentioned in the article (Frontón, Madama, Playita and Rincón).




From Las Terrenas, you can take a day trip in French to discover the beaches of Playa Fronton, Playita and Playa Rincon.

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Arriving at playa Frontón, you’ll be amazed by its unique setting: sheer, black karst peaks tumble into the incredibly clear water! The coconut palms are still there and a small beach is slowly taking shape behind some large rocks. Here, people come to relax, drink a coco, discover the cave and the view over the heights and, of course, go snorkeling. The currents are a little strong, but you can see some parrotfish, sunfish, nemos, some squid and lots of black sea urchins. This is the wild, natural beach!




It’s a tiny deserted beach, reached by boat, with no services. Robinson Crusoe’s beach was used for the filming of Koh Lanta in Colombia! It’s the perfect place to feel isolated, taste the local rum and eat dried coconut!





This beach, also accessible by road, is a 10-minute boat ride from Las Galeras. The sun had decided to leave us, but it didn’t matter – the contrast between the grey-black sky, the lush green coconut palms and the turquoise water blew me away. You’ll find a small restaurant-bar, a few deckchairs and locals on one side, and a more deserted wave beach on the other.




A few kilometers from the village of El Limón, this is the one you’ll discover on a quad bike during your excursion. There are no signs pointing the way, but what a joy it was when we arrived – there was no one on this golden ochre sand beach, and I can assure you that it’s great today to see hidden, deserted corners. You’ve earned that beach! Don’t forget your bathing suit and towel for a swim on the Morón beach side.





The best way to discover the beaches of las Galeras, Frontón, Madama, Playita and Rincon is by motorboat, with small groups and organized day tours. Rendezvous early in the morning at 8:30 am at playa Las Galeras and return around 5-6 pm. If you come between January and March, you can apparently combine your outing with whale watching, as the whales come here to breed every year. I advise you to separate the two outings to appreciate every moment.



From Las Terrenas, you can take a day trip in French to discover the beaches of Playa Fronton, Playita and Playa Rincon.

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If you’d like to go horse-riding, Nicole, a Swiss woman who has been living here for a few years, is adorable and offers her services to small groups as well as private clients from a small ranch located right next to the V Samana hotel. A 15-minute walk will take you to the beautiful Coson beach. Let’s go for a hoof-in-the-sand ride, crossing rivers and discovering the country’s lush vegetation. All levels are accepted, from beginner to advanced, Nicole takes great care of you, I recommend her!


From las Terrenas, you can gallop along the long beaches of Samaná. Just click on the booking links below.

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From Santo Domingo, about a 4-hour drive to las Galeras. An official cab can cost up to US$175 and tolls around 30 euros. Colectivos (shared cabs) and local buses run between the airport and the city center. From Samaná, allow around 1 hour 05 minutes for guaguas, small local shared cabs. There’s a departure every 1/4 hour or so.

Samaná also has an airport. You’ll need to spend 75$USD or take a guagua and wait 1h30 before reaching this little paradise.



For added convenience, you can directly book the shuttle transfer from Santo Domingo/Punta Cana to Las Galeras / Las Terrenas



The Dominican Republic has so much to offer! Please note that as an accredited bespoke travel designer, I offer to accompany you in the creation of your tailor-made trip to the Dominican Republic and create a personalized itinerary tailored to your needs. Please send me an email at : contact@mademoiselle-voyage.fr

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This article is our experience. It was made possible thanks to a collaboration with the hotel V Samana and theDominican Republic Tourist Board whom we thank for their invitation and this discovery.





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