Bahamas | our practical guide to planning your trip

Bahamas | our practical guide to planning your trip

The Bahamas archipelago is made up of a number of islands, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you organize your trip.



Afin de vous aider au mieux à préparer votre voyage aux Bahamas, vous trouverez une petite fiche pratique récapitulant l’essentiel à savoir avant de partir. Je vous invite à lire également tous nos autres articles sur l’île de Grand Bahama:


Le saviez-vous ? C’est aux Bahamas, en 1492, que Christophe Colomb a posé son pied pour la première fois dans sa conquête du Nouveau monde!

Le mot Bahamas provient du dérivé espagnol “Baja mar ” qui signifie mer basse. Les Bahamas c’est un archipel d’environ 700 îles et ilots situées au Sud-Est de la Floride, au Nord-Est de Cuba et dans l’Océan Atlantique. Ces îles sont plates, avec un charme unique et singulier. Elles sont souvent connues pour ses plages magnifiques de sable blanc agrémentées de cocotiers.

Les Bahamas c’est aussi des récifs coralliens sublimes et réputés parmi les plus grands du monde mais aussi des mangroves, des trous bleus et des espaces verts pour certaines.

Pour avoir découvert les Bahamas, je trouve qu’elle a deux facettes: celles données par les croisières en paquebot qui débarquent leurs passagers à Nassau. C’est finalement du tourisme de masse et ce côté qui ne nous intéresse pas avec tous ces grands complexes hôteliers les uns à côté des autres où vont tous les américains et canadiens. Mais en s’éloignant de cette agitation touristique et en parcourant d’autres îles, les Bahamas ont un côté très ” chill ” et détente avec des parcs nationaux, une mer turquoise et des lieux naturels préservés. Et c’est facette que vous devez découvrir!

Capitale des Bahamas

Nassau on the island of Providence

Les vols pour vous rendre au Bahamas depuis La France

For Grand Bahama Island, the most direct access is via American airlines via Miami on the same day, just a 30-minute flight. Customs clearance is fairly straightforward, but plan ahead. American Airlines has a lounge at CDG where you can have lunch and relax before takeoff.

American Airlines flights include one checked bag of 23kg/p and one carry-on bag per person. Please note that on the flight to the Bahamas, the cabin baggage space is quite small and low, so don’t overload as you may not be able to stow your belongings.

The following airlines offer connections to the Bahamas:

  • AIR CARAÏBES Paris Orly/San Salvador tous les jeudis et à compter de février 2018
    correspondance directe pour Nassau avec Bahamasair


  • BRITISH AIRWAYS Paris/Londres/Nassau (4 vols par semaine). Départs de province également disponibles.


  • AMERICAN AIRLINES Paris/Miami/Nassau ou Freeport (quotidien) OUParis /Miami/ George Town, MarshHarbour ou North Eleuthera – Nuit à Miami à l’aller et en correspondance au retour.


  • AIR FRANCE/ DELTA Paris/Atlanta/Nassau quotidien, ouParis/Atlanta/Freeport,George Town, MarshHarbourou North Eleuthera – Nuit à l’aller à Atlanta et en correspondance au retour.


From Florida : Connections to Nassau, Freeport and the Outer Islands on American Airlines, Bahamasair, Continental Connection/Gulfstream Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Silver Airways/United Airlines…

Many U.S. and Canadian cities serve the Bahamas.


Find your cheapest flight to Bahamas here with Skyscanner


Décalage Horaire

– 6 h all year round. When it is 19h in France, it’s 1pm in the Bahamas.


What to do when you stop over in Miami for a few hours?

On our return flight, we had 5h stopover in Miami. Instead of staying in the airport and waiting quietly, it was with disconcerting ease that we passed through security and then US customs, and were out of the airport in no time! We went to the Wynwood district, just a 20-minute cab ride away for a 2-hour guided tour with miami in French, in the company of Stéphanie, an expatriate for over 2 years, who shared with us her favorites and her love for this city. I have to admit that it’s really convenient and pleasant to let yourself be guided, to not have to search, to enjoy these few hours, to stroll in front of the beautiful deco boutiques and discover Wynwood, the Miami’s street art district, an open-air museum. Artists from all over the world come to exhibit their masterpieces on the walls, in the 4 corners of the streets. This smiling, pleasant young woman will make you love this kind of visit, so don’t hesitate to book a tour with her.

Practical infoTo get downtown, the easiest way is to take a cab from the airport. To get to Downtown, expect to pay around $25, and $40 if you stop in South Beach (don’t forget the tips). Distance, about 20-30min from Miami Beach depending on traffic!


The Bahamian dollar is at parity with the US dollar, and the two are used interchangeably. International credit cards are accepted everywhere. Don’t forget to carry cash, as ATMs can be found at major banks, the casino and the Port Lucaya market on Grand Bahama. What’s more, if you want to buy a few things and negotiate, it’s always easier with a bit of cash. The official language of the Bahamas is English, often mixed with typically Bahamian expressions. Tipping is based on quality of service. Baggage handlers generally receive $1 per bag, while most other services (waiters, cabs, etc.) receive 15%. Many establishments include the service in their prices.

No vaccine for the Bahamas.

Pack mosquito repellent, sun cream and after-sun lotion.

The medical facilities on the islands, particularly Nassau / Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island, are staffed by North American and European doctors.

  • Formalities : passport valid + 6 months and return or onward ticket (ESTA required for transit to USA)
  • Visa: no visa for EEC nationals for stays of less than 3 months

  • Current: 110 Volts and American plugs; You’ll need a universal adapter and a multiple socket to connect all your appliances.

  • On the island of Grand Bahama, you’ll find around 25 hotels, depending on your budget. Fortuna Beachfor its value for money and its location on the beach and 15 minutes from the airport. There is also the Pelican Bay hotel that I can recommend. On Nassau and Paradise Island, there are about fifty of them. For nature lovers, you’ll find environmentally friendly ecolodges throughout the Bahamas archipelago.
  • The camping is forbidden on the islands.
  • There are no private beaches in the Bahamas, even those in front of hotels are public.

  • Car rental:

Car rental is available upon arrival at Freeport International Airport (Grand Bahama). You need your French licence and your international license if your stay exceeds 3 months. In the Bahamas, we drive on the left, so be careful. Transportation is generally included in your excursions, or ask your hotel reception for a shuttle. There are no tolls on Bahamian roads, except for cars using the bridge between Nassau and Paradise Island ($2).


Find here your cheapest car rental


  • Internal flights:

Inter-island routes are operated by Bahamasair or by private airlines. You can also rent your own plane.

  • Ferry:

A ferry service runs from Nassau vers Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Andros, Abaco… Another option: The Mail Boat serves the islands from Nassau.

  • Cruise:

It is also possible to take a catamaran cruise between the islands of the Bahamas, and I invite you to contact me for a quote.

You will have the opportunity to sample the local gastronomy either during your daily excursions or at your hotel. All inclusive. Fish and shellfish are present on every table: conch in all its forms (soup, fritter, stew, etc.), grouper (fishing is prohibited in December, January and February) and of course lobster (except from April 1 to July 31, when fishing is prohibited). Spices and coconut oil are the perfect accompaniment to these lightly spiced culinary specialties. Sun-drenched fruits surprise with their exotic flavors, such as tomatoes from Abaco or pineapples from Eleuthera.

No security problems in Bahamas but as everywhere, be vigilant in markets to avoid pickpockets, guinguettes or cities.

  • Light clothing (shorts, tank tops, dresses, skirts, Bermuda shorts, tee shirts, but also a little wool for the cooler evenings from December to February)
  • You don’t need shoes to swim in the Bahamas
  • Comfortable shoes for sightseeing
  • If you’re planning a hike, a small backpack to carry your belongings for the day.
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Flip-flops and a bathing suit
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof clothes in case of rain, a Kway will be parafit
  • Plug adapters (American system)
  • A first-aid kit with your medication if necessary

You’ll be able to bring back lots of souvenirs of your trip to the Bahamas. On Grand Bahama Island, you can buy rum, local beer and chillies. You can shop at Port Lucaya where you’ll find huts selling local handicrafts as well as straw hats, jewelry, objects woven from plant fibers, wood carvings, ceramic and shell items. If you’re looking for real seashells to decorate your bathroom, you can legally bring them back and collect them on the beach. You’ll also find colorful fabrics, key rings and handbags…

You’ll also find great bargains at the taxfree boutiques “excluding taxes” in Nassau and Grand Bahama, as products are around 25% cheaper than in Europe, and some even organize sales.

The great thing about the Bahamas is that it’s sunny all year round thanks to the presence of the Gulf Stream! The islands enjoy a mild tropical climate, with temperatures fluctuating between 25°C to 32°C maximum all year round. A short daily shower is a welcome refreshment at the end of the day or at night. The water temperature varies from 24°C in winter to 29°C in summer.

But beware: the weather can vary from island to island, and no two islands are alike!

  • In winter (December to March): days are short and warm, with sunsets around 5:30 pm/6 pm. Expect a maximum of 28°C during the day, with water temperatures averaging 25°C, and cooler temperatures in the evening, around 18-20°C at night. In January, on some islands, it can be very windy.
  • In summer (April to November): long days (sunset at 9:30pm from June to September). Expect daytime temperatures of 28°C to 32°C, average water temperatures of 26°C to 30°C and night-time temperatures of around 24°C.
  • Best season to discover the Bahamas:

The high season is often Christmas and the February school vacations. And yes, you’re not the only ones to see the sun in winter or during the school vacations. Think about discovering the archipelago in spring or, like us, in autumn. You’ll find great prices and fewer crowds.

  • Rainy season:

There is no rainy season in the Bahamas. You can expect short showers at the end of the day or during the night in winter, and tropical showers lasting around 45 minutes in summer. On Grand Bahama, when we were there at the end of October, the rain rarely lasted more than 10 minutes!

  • Hurricanes:

Don’t worry, the Bahamas are generally very little affected by hurricanes as the island of Cuba, to the south acts as a mountainous barrier if they do have them at all, it’s often between August and October.

To request a quote for a personalized trip to Bahamas, you can contact me by email at For 8 days/7 nights the minimum price for an all-inclusive hotel package with flights is €1,700/person; Add to this your excursions, which cost between $100/p and $150/p. Prices depend of course on seasonality and availability, but the Bahamas are quite affordable, contrary to what you might think!

To request a quote and a tailor-made trip for an authentic discovery of the Bahamas, contact me by email at I invite you to read the customized travel where I present my business as a licensed travel agency.

Before you leave, I invite you to consult all our articles on the Bahamas to help you prepare for your trip:






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