What to bring back from India? What souvenirs to bring back from Rajasthan?

What to bring back from India? What souvenirs to bring back from Rajasthan?


What to bring back from India? If you’re wondering, take a look at our selection of Rajasthani souvenirs.



It would be a shame not to pack some souvenirs from India. Coming to Rajasthan means discovering a culture that dates back hundreds of years!

Art is very present in India, notably on palaces, but also in shops. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy, how to detect good quality, how to negotiate… Here’s what you need to know about shopping and what we’ve found for you.

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The pink city, Jaipur is famous for its jewelry, and you’ll find everything from silver to semi-precious stones (lapis and amber). Opposite the Palace of the Winds is a staircase leading to a terrace with a superb view of the palace. This is also where you’ll find the Hawamahal Pink.
He sells all kinds of silver jewelry, which he also imports into France as a wholesaler around Cannes. An opportunity to treat yourself at a more reasonable price than in France. The City of Gold, Jaisalmer, you’ll also find silver on more ethnic jewelry in the fort’s alleyways.




For centuries, India has been the land of spices. But beware, if you think spices = fire in the mouth, it’s not so. Here is the address of MG Spices on the market square in Jodhpur near the Clock Tower. It offers very tasty spice blends to remake yourself, the dishes you will have tasted and enjoyed during your trip: Masala vegetables, Masala chicken, Masala meat, Masala rice, turmeric, coriander, sweat Chili, fennel, curry, cumin, cardamom, pure saffron, various natural teas... But also cashews, peanuts, almonds and incense. A veritable paradise of Indian flavors, with expert advice from store manager Gori. Don’t hesitate to ask him to taste what you want to buy, and to ask questions about preparation and dosage for a successful Indian dish. He’ll also be proud to show you the positive mentions he’s received from the various celebrities who have passed through his store.




Kashmir country is traditionally not Rajasthan, but the Kashmir region in north-west India. However, the region bordering Pakistan has been at war for several decades, making it difficult to visit without risking your life. We, found in Udaipur, several stores selling different types of Pashmina and cashmere sweaters, but beware that there are different qualities (100% cashmere or 50/50 cashmere/silk, cashmere/cotton or cashmere/polyester). You should know that the best quality pashmina is made with the goat’s chin…yes, you should have known! Today, cashmere is made from the goat’s back mixed with silk to make it silky and, above all, to sell. But one store in particular caught our eye, Kashan Carpet Industries.
In fact, he is a wholesaler who supplies other stores in the city, including the City Palace in Udaipur (supposedly the only store in town selling real cashmere). Here you’ll find choice, quality products and better prices. We have noticed a difference of around 30% on a similar product of superior quality.


Cashmere pashmina scams …


You’ll find so-called authentic Pashminas in every store in India. For your information, the name cashmere comes from the Kashmir region in northeast India. The best quality cashmere comes from the goat’s chin, so it’s more expensive but also rarer! Today, pashminas are made with the goat’s back mixed with silk to make them silkier and easier to sell. If you want a real cashmere pashmina, you’ll definitely have to pay the price.




India has magnificent paintings by Indian artists on all its palaces and havelis. We call them miniatures, not for their size, but for the detail of execution. Artists generally depict the history of the Maharajas or scenes from Hindu mythology. This tradition of painting is still alive and well, and you can take home some very beautiful pieces as souvenirs, some of which can be personalized. A Bikaner, in the Vishnouk, family-run business, you’ll be able to see the meticulousness of their work. This art is a true living gem. You can also order specific parts according to your wishes. An excellent souvenir of your trip that will last a lifetime.




During your trip to Rajasthan, you’ll see women all the time wearing the traditional garment, the sari. This long piece of cloth is a traditional garment worn by millions of women in South Asia, and is said to have originated in India around 100 BC. It’s one of the few clothing habits to have been preserved over time, and is just stunning to behold. They come in all colors, and that’s what makes Rajasthan so beautiful. You can take one home as a souvenir, or offer one as a gift.




If you’d like to add an ethnic touch to your relaxation area, garden furniture or general decor, Rajasthan is the ideal place to bring back wall hangings, cushion covers, rugs, bed covers and more. There’s something to suit every taste and color, and of course at different prices. Negotiations can take a long time, and will usually take place over a cup of tea.


Don’t go without!


What you find at exorbitant prices at “maison du monde” or in trendy interior design stores, you’ll find much cheaper in India. We went to Udaipur in the store Royal Arts & Crafts recommended by our guide. We fell in love with the handmade patchwork wall hangings and cushion covers. On the second floor, the store also sells objects, furniture, renovated doors… we would have liked to bring back a lot more.




If, like us, you’re a lover of salvaging and bargain-hunting, you’ll also find plenty of products in India. In Mandawa, a small town in northern Rajasthan, we found a veritable Ali Baba’s cave: tables, doors, old lamps, chairs, knick-knacks etc… Many unique pieces that we wanted to bring back to France by container. In view of our world tour, it was impossible, but we’ll treasure the address for next time.



Practical information | Souvenirs


In India, the rule is to negotiate. You’ll get more respect if you play their game, but beware: merchants are tough in business. First, we always invite you to have a little the Masala tea in a relaxed atmosphere, to put you at ease and introduce you to the products. Don’t be aggressive from the outset and relax. When the time comes to make the decision to buy, the seller will often start with a 10% discount, but if you’re patient and don’t break the bargaining game by being too tight-lipped, you can get between 40 and 45%, and maybe more if you’re good! That’s as far as we got.



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