Rovaniemi | Accommodation & activities in Lapland with children

Rovaniemi | Accommodation & activities in Lapland with children


Visiting Lapland is often a dream for parents and children alike, or at least it was for me. You’ll soon realize that activities in Lapland come at a price, and that your budget can quickly explode. Discover our suggestions for free and paying activities below.


We’ve written a series of articles on the blog to help you plan your trip to Finnish Lapland, and we invite you to have a look at them.


It’s still possible in Finnish Lapland, and more specifically in Rovaniemi, do fun activities with your kids. Some of them will be free or won’t cost you much, but some of them will have to be paid for, so you won’t have much choice. Below is a small selection of possible activities. I’ve linked you to activities with companies I recommend or with which I work in affiliation. Clicking on these links doesn’t change anything for you at the time of booking or on the total amount, but it does allow me to receive a small commission for all the work I do, for all the advice I give you and which is useful on a daily basis for the organization of your trip to Lapland. These companies have already been tested over the seasons, are professional, safe and offer small-group activities only. If you’ve organized your own trip to Rovaniemi and would like to book just the activities, simply click on the links below then follow the procedure. For all those who prefer to use my services to offer you a program adapted to the child’s rhythm, far from mass tourism and in a beautiful environment, please contact me by email at



Rovaniemi is a city brimming with accommodation ranging from apartments to hotels, beads & breakfasts and igloos. Of course, there’s something for every budget, which is why I advise you to plan ahead and to find what you’re looking for here .

I recommend the following establishments for their proximity and the experiences they offer:


Hotels/Apartments/Bed & Breakfasts



Sleep in Igloos







And yes, Santa’s House is free – there’s no admission charge. The paid organized outings you find often combine several activities during the day, lunch and Santa’s House. Once through the door, it’s all about consumption. The Santa Claus Village complex is a huge park that could be compared to Disney (albeit smaller). By this I mean restaurants, souvenir stores and accommodation. But what can you really discover inside this Santa Claus village?



  • The official Santa Claus office located in the heart of the village open every day of the year. You’ll have to be patient as the queue can be very long! Avoid tourist crowds on Wednesdays and weekends.
  • The Santa’s post office, where you can leave your envelope and your wishes in this pretty place.
  • Pass the famous Arctic Circle line: you’ll see lots of people laying on the ground or jumping off!



➡️ For the first time in Lapland, many parents and families want to immortalize their encounter with Santa Claus, spend time with him and waste no time. Santa’s house being highly sought-after by travelers from all over the world, I still recommend booking this Rovaniemi landmark. You can meet his reindeer, get a certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle, visit Santa’s village and meet him, and enjoy a delicious traditional Christmas buffet for lunch. Information and reservations here.



  • Photo with Santa
  • Stamp your passport with the polar cerce stamp: it’s a very nice souvenir for which you’ll have to pay a few euros.
  • Spend a moment with Elves and their world at Santaparkarcticworld. You’ll take a little train, make gingerbread, discover the Hall of Mirrors and the elf show…. Of course, it’s not free and it’s probably touristy, but it must be fun for the whole family.
  • Reindeer sledding and cooking at Mrs. Santa Claus’ Christmas Cottage. Reindeer sledding and gingerbread making can be enjoyed in the same place, surrounded by elves.
  • Visit the Elfsfarmyard country farm. Located next to Santa Claus Village, you can meet reindeer, goats and sheep, enjoy traditional cross-country skiing and tobogganing, and eat snacks and grilled meats around a fire
  • The Husky Park: I don’t think this is an essential outing at all, especially when you’ve been sledding in the wilderness and far from this area. It’s just a huge enclosure with walkways, where husky dogs are kept. You can of course book safaris, but I’d advise you to do so elsewhere. Prices: €10/adult, €5/child (4-12 years), Family ticket €20 (1-2 adults + 1-3 children)
  • Tobogganing and tobogganing at the Snowmanworld.



➡️ Le Snowmanworld permet le temps d’une journée, de vous amuser avec des patins à glace, des bonhommes de neige et affrontez les audacieux toboggans de glace ou bouées de neige en famille. Vous pouvez également admirez les magnifiques sculptures de glace. C’est une activité qui plaît beaucoup et qui peut être très amusante en famille.

Sachez que le Snowmanworld est très demandé. Par expérience, je vous recommande de réserver à l’avance cette activité, afin de garantir vos entrées. Réservez dès maintenant vos places.

 Adresse: Snowman World, 5 Joulumaantie, Village du Père-Noël, 96930 Rovaniemi.






This combined activity can be a good alternative to pace your day, so you don’t waste any time and get the most out of your day. It allows you to meet Santa Claus and his elves in his workshop in Lapland, but also of enjoy culinary specialties during lunch, to visit the Reindeer farm and to have the souvenir photo with Rudolph, and finally to discover Lappish culture with your English or French guide. Total duration: 4h

➡️ click here to book this activity online






Same principle as exit no. 2. This time you’ll head out into the forest for a snowmobile safari lasting around 1 hour (20 to 30km). There will be two of you per snowmobile, and you can swap places during the ride through the forest. Children will ride in a sleigh driven by the snowmobile guide. Back in the village, you’ll go to Santa’s toy workshop to meet him. You’ll then see where all the mail received by the elves is processed. You can write and send your own Christmas card to family and friends. A traditional Finnish lunch will be organized and right after the meal, you will meet Santa Claus’ reindeer. Total duration: 6h

➡️ 1st option: click here to book this activity online

➡️ 2nd option: click here to book this activity online





This is the most popular activity in Lapland. Set off on an adventure with huskies in the Rovaniemi forest and learn all about the training, breeding and running of these splendid Arctic animals on a local farm. After a brief introduction and instructions, you’ll settle aboard the sleigh for a exhilarating 10 km ride through the breathtaking landscapes of Lapland. Feel that adrenalin rush as you pick up speed on the climbs and descents. Don’t miss the chance to immortalize this unforgettable moment by taking lots of pretty pictures. We’ll lend you some gear to keep you warm. On your return to the breeding farm, you’ll enjoy delicious cookies and a hot drink. Total duration: 4h

➡️ Click here to book this activity online



Dog-sled safaris are very popular in Lapland. I therefore recommend that you book this activity in advance to guarantee your place and avoid missing out.

➡️ 1st option: book your dog-sled safari now

➡️ 2nd option: book your dog-sled safari now






There are 2 places to go tobogganing for free, either at the bottom of the slopes of the Ounasvaara ski resort where you can get there by car or on foot, or in the angry birds park with steeper, self-service toboggan runs throughout the park. Fun guaranteed!



The park is open all year round, free of charge and easily accessible from the center of Rovaniemi. There are zip lines, cable cars, climbing walls and games inspired by the figurines in the famous Angry Birds game. There are also areas reserved for ball games

Address: Valtakatu 4 – 96100 Rovaniemi



Hoplop Park is an indoor park for children of all ages (under 4, children must be accompanied by an adult), offering several mazes with daring obstacles, bouncy castles, large pipes, ball pits, climbing walls, car racing tracks and a wide range of electronic games to keep your kids busy. If you come by car, parking is available or you can take the n°8 bus from the center of Rovaniemi.

Address: Napapiirintie 14 – 96900 Rovaniemi

Opening hours: open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. – Admission charge



The Rollohalli park is reserved for more energetic, older children. Here you’ll find a large covered area for ball games, giant trampolines, climbing walls and a foam pit.

Address: Napapiirintie 14 – 96900 Rovaniemi

Opening hours: open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m

Prices: between 15€ and 18€/p



There are 2 swimming pools in Rovaniemi, open to adults and children.

  • The first is in the Santasport complex or games in the small children’s pool. Please note that swimming shorts are strictly forbidden. You can rent or buy them on site.

Address: Lapin Urheiluopisto, Hiihtomajantie 2, 96400 Rovaniemi, Finland

Prices: approx. €4 for children and €10 for adults

  • The second is the Uimahalli Vesihiisi with its two large pools, sauna, gym and masseuse all in one location.

Address: Nuortenkatu 11, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland



Huima Park offers an opportunity to see Finnish nature from every angle. It is located on the Ounasvaara hill right next to the Santa Sport sports complex. It comprises 10 different courses, some of which are over 7 metres off the ground, and a few more for the more adventurous. Move between trees using ropes, beams, bridges and nets. You can also play mini-golf inside the park, follow the push-up trails or hire fatbikes.

Address: Nuortenkatu 11, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland

Opening hours: open from 01/06 to 04/08 Thursday to Sunday, 12 to 6 p.m. | Open from 10/08 to 29/09 Saturdays and Sundays from 12 am to 6 pm.


  • 14€ for people measuring 1m10 to 1m25
  • 22€ for people between 1m25 and 1m40
  • 26€ for people over 1m40



And yes, there is also a bowling alley with 12 tracks, also in the Santa Sport sports complex. On-site refreshments available at Café Buusti. The bowling alley supplies shoes in sizes 28 for small children.

Address: in the San Sport complex

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 9pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm



This place dedicated to Moomins is for young and old alike. If you haven’t heard of Moomins yet, you’ll be pleased to know that these white hippopotamus-shaped characters, created by Finnish artist Tove Jansson over 70 years ago, are famous not only throughout Finland, but also in Japan, where they’re a big hit. You can find them everywhere, on coffee mugs, in the shape of plush toys, in cartoons and in souvenir shops….they’re very popular and immerse us in a little fairy tale. So it’s only logical that a coffee opens its doors in their image. And it’s in an atypical setting that you’ll enjoy hot drinks and pastries.

Address: Sampokeskus Shopping Center, Rovakatu 30

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm


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If you had to visit just one museum in Rovaniemi, it’s the Arktikum. Here, you’ll find information on Saami culture, as well as a wealth of information on the Arctic, boreal nature and the culture and history of the Far North. The museum is quite well designed and should appeal to children.

Address: Pohjoisranta 4, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland

Prices: €15 for adults, €5 for children aged 7 to 15, free for children under 7.

Family pass 35€: 2 adults + 2 children aged 7 to 15 + 1 child under 7



I hope these suggestions for activities in Rovaniemi will help you prepare for your trip. Don’t forget to read our other articles on Lapland, as there’s little room for improvisation in this destination.







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